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I was so upset I went into a Delia's store the other day and one of… - dELiA*s [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 5th, 2007|03:32 am]


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I was so upset I went into a Delia's store the other day and one of the store models was wearing an awesomely cute sweater. It was navy, although it probably came in other colors, v-necked and had a variety of unique buttons to button up the front down to the middle and buttons on the sleeves. I have a green one like this, it has 3 buttons on the shoulder and it's a pullover. I love it. However, when I went to see if they had any out I could buy, they didn't. I was taunted with an awesome sweater, I couldn't buy. I tried finding it online, but I couldn't find it anywhere not on Delia's or even eBay (on the off chance someone would be selling it). I wish I had never seen the sweater in the first place, because now I can't stop thinking about how great it would be to have it. I guess I just thought I'd share this insight.

However, if on the off chance someone knows which sweater I am talking about and wear I might also try to find it, that would be great.

From: (Anonymous)
2008-06-19 09:08 pm (UTC)
Honestly, why be so obsessed with a sweater? This is how it would go down if you got the sweater. You would be happy for a bit, wear it with all sorts of joy and then bada bing, you'd want something else to fulfill whatever feelings of emptiness that you are having which you feel will be magically replaced and diminished if you have that one item. I'll tell you, and this isn't just in your case, many people feel this way due to our fast pace, over consuming society, the things you buy end up owning you. Why? It's all too silly in the end, and in the very end, it doesn't matter at all. Really. Another day will come, you'll want more, and eventually die, and then your energy will just go elsewhere, out. Not somewhere, just out. I'm referring to science in this matter. Anyway, that sweater doesn't make you and why put so much emphasis on a material item that has nothing to do with you? It doesn't care about you, only you care. Why not start caring about yourself and those that are in your life? Start controlling your own life and let a piece of cloth stop controlling you. It's all a bunch of crap in the end and most likely some kid younger than you and me is probably miserable and disgusted with the thought that a person is out there only worrying about a sweater, because those kids worry if they are going to eat and live. Those kids suffer every bloody hour of every bloody day just so you can have a sweater, but they don't care about whether you get the sweater or not, and they shouldn't. They care about getting a wee bowl of rice in order to survive so they work insane, inhumane hours in order to live. They are in hell, and our spoiled, new money, over-consuming society makes up it's own hell because we are just that bored, lazy, and over all just pathetic. This isn't meant to offend you, only to help, if possible and if you are willing, to free yourself from the things that do not make life as beautiful as it really is. You know, you yourself could make a sweater if you just went to a fabric store and bought a pattern. It's cheaper and you get more out of it.
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[User Picture]From: elaraophelia
2008-06-20 05:26 pm (UTC)
Ok this is a long disertation for a simple request I made along time ago, that I was just wondering where I could find something. And from that you presume to summarize who I am and my entire life. Well I know one thing I can say about you, my life is more fufilling than the hour you spent on the internet wasting time writing pointless crap, to a person you don't even know. And if my post seemed pathetic, it's hard to see the tone and sarcasm in words.

Plus I was just complaining about how as store shouldn't put something out on display if they aren't selling it and that's a reasonable thing to complain about.

Besides, it's been months since I made that post and you know the little "in the moment" feeling. You know how it is with most people they care so much about something one day and sometimes, they forget to tell themselves, they won't care about it a month from now. I am usually really good at reminding myself I can live without something, but there is a time when we all see something we have to have in the moment and it consumes us.

It's not a big deal anymore, it's not to me, so why should it be to you and what's the sense of replying to a post that's almost a year old, it's not like your comment is going to matter now, what a waste of time.

Finally, I do make a lot of my own stuff, but what's wrong with appreciating the quality of work produced by someone else. I could never make a sweater like that it. Fortunately, there's a lot I don't have to buy because I can make it and it oftens feels nice not to have to support big companies and their high prices and to know I made something myself and people are always stunned at the quality of my work. But, I don't do much clothing, I have never been very good at that. I bet that's something else you didn't know about me. So, again don't presume to know me.
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